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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Midnite Movies: Brakhage- Comingled Containers

I watched some Brakhage for the first time in a long while earlier tonight. This tiny youtube video is a far cry from how these should be watched, but even so, it remains a beautiful piece of work. You can't watch Brakhage like you would anything else. His films are paths in and around our minds. You have to open yourself up to the "experience." Many many things have been said about his work much more eloquently than the job I am doing right now, but he remains a singular inspiration.

He made over 400 films in his lifetime. The first film I ever saw of his was his last; just weeks before he died. I come back to him every once in a while, and I find that on each return I can see deeper. If this is you first encounter, I hope it finds you well.

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