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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Africa Addio

I just found out that one of the most brutal, intense, and powerful documentaries ever made (in my humble opinion) is up in it's entirety on google video. The film is Jacopetti and Prosperi's harrowing Africa Addio (Goodbye Africa). And it appears in it's entire 2hr and 18 minute European cut. The American cut by compare is vulgar and insulting, whereas the full film is one of the most intense, terrifying, and complex films I have ever found. It is NOT AT ALL for the squeamish. THIS MOVIES IS ROUGH. One of the roughest I've seen. The directors went to Africa right as the British were pulling out. They simply chronicle the chaos that ensued all over the continent. From poaching, to genocide, they captured it on film. The documentary was harshly criticized for racism, but I can find no case in the official cut. The exploitative American cut however, is another story entirely, and and unfortunate blemish on two incredibly intelligent and highly respectable filmmakers.

15 Minute Excerpt:

Entire Film:


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