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Friday, June 1, 2007

The Strange Case of Charlie Ours

For THIS, these kids have been expelled (later reinstated) and now sued by a teacher who they allegedly parody in the film. You can read all about the story here(s):
Muzzie Award
ABC News
Fox News

This case is of particular interest to me because I grew up with Charlie Ours' brother, Joey Ours. He has sadly passed away, but we were the best of friend and play in the rocking and way ahead of their time punk band the Koaskies when we were about 13. We also made many movies almost EXACTLY this stupid! They never broke the 10 minute mark, whereas this one is supposed to be over an hour, and we never got into any trouble, so good for Charlie. He's already much further along than Joey or I ever made it. Give em hell kids. Now that you've got the Blogosphere at your back, that teacher is probably going to be in a world of trouble he never could have imagined.

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