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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


A REAL Nightmare:


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From my position of little influence, I urge those who would make decisions to exercise caution before charging wildly into untested areas, particularly on issues concerning private citizens personal information. One of my many fears, and that of many citizens is that the REAL ID act makes us less secure against not only potentially corrupt governmental monitors, but criminals as well. It is my belief that, regardless of laws or regulations, the more information that is available, the less we can control it. Please consider the possible repercussions before hastily requiring all citizens to compromise their own security.

I urge all five of you to voice your opinions on this subject. HERE is a link to the Privacy Coalition which will help you to donate your two cents. But you must act before May 8th, because the doors will be sliding shut, and we will have even less say over where the dust settles.

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