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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Midnite Movies No.3

Beauty is the enemy: by cEvin Key and Genesis P Orridge. Should be fairly self-explanatory, but as a :: WARNING :: this video may be very difficult to watch for some people. The animation at the beginning shows you pretty much exactly what to expect, but the actual footage is still pretty startling, so be warned.

The song and video refer to an ancient mystic proverb: In order to be Whole, one must bring the sum of your parts into accord, as opposed to separate, working against each other, dependent upon external influences for support.
As long as we are in this state of un-wholeness, we will be nothing more than the sum of the machine, merely imitating life rather than living it. Incessantly struggling in our own self manifested Hell that we mistake for Heaven.

Here also is a link to the original film that the footage is from, and a Wikipedia article on the nature of the experimments and the film.

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