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Monday, March 5, 2007

Midnite Movies No.1

I've decided, since I'm usually up at this late hour, and since there should be an outlet for not necessarily "smart" stuff on this venue, that at midnight (or thereabouts) I will start posting weird stuff that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with anything except being mind expanding. So gear up, suit up and strap in cuz here's MIDNITE MOVIES NO.1

This first installment is two great old videos from one of my fvorite, and one of the weirdest bands of all time, the Residents kind of a musical version of David Lynch for the uninitiated. These guys are great, and these two videos are perfect for kicking off this new segment. So enjoy, and take care. Good (mid)nite!

Hello Skinny

Picnic in the Jungle

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