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Monday, January 29, 2007

James Randi Exposes Peter Popoff

xxxistineRemixed (1 week ago)
just cuz this guy was a fake, don't mean all preachers are.. even the bible says there would be fake preachers.. obviously this guy was only doing it for money, but Jesus healed people and so did the apostles, and many other men and women of God have the same anointing to do miracles today, this man was an apostle of satan, to blaspheme the way of Christ

{firebreather} (5 hours ago)
Do you really think that people were less gullible or less crafty in the time of the Bible? Furthermore, on what solid ground do these claims you're making stand? History is written by the winners and all facts are obscured by the sands of time.

xxxinchrist (3 hours ago)
God still works and God does mircels daily. God heals and he can and does work them sometimes by man/or women. But we must all be careful not to be tricked or fool by a anyone. God will reveal all things

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